Using smartphone in bed, can cause you a blind!!

screen before in bed
screen before in bed

Nowadays Using smartphones every where is a casual thins for every one , every where, any time, and this habit is very health  destroyer on many levels, and make people more unsocial.

A new study confirmed that the habit of using the phone before sleeping in the dark could cause the blind, and the Doctors said that using the phone in the dark lying  on bed with one eye watching the phone screen and the other closed  can cause a temporary blind in the closed eye for minutes .

additionally, using the phone frequently can damage the eyes, and we must reduce the duration and follow the doctors advice, here is what doctors says to reduce the eye damage from phones usage :

  1. Reduce usage duration, the best damage reduction!!
  2. Do not ever use your phone in dark places, it ‘s double the damage!
  3. Use some glasses for protection,(you can get those from from eyes doctor)
  4. Reduce the screen brightness, I use an android app to control the brightness called Filtre lumière bleue !
Filtre lumière bleue
Filtre lumière bleue

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