Solutions for the most major play store Problems

Play store issues
Play store issues

Android’s Play store can be crashed or even worse, can refuse to connect to Google’s servers, many reasons can cause this issue,here are the major reasons with solutions (can be the same for other android’s applications)

1.wrong date and/or time

Pay store wrong date issue

Play store is connecting to Google’servers via https, which means it will verify the date and time in every request it do, and it require to be correct . .

All secure connections https requires correct date and time,

2. Unexpected data

Clean data cache
Clean data cache

This is famous cause in android apps, can cause open failer in any app is some point, the solution is to clear data cache for the android app,

3. Out dated play store

Play store
Play store

Using outdated play store can cause many issues , even if you it opens normally and you don’t notice any issue, but it really does, you must have updated version.


The most of android user can have issues in the play store, and those solutions can fix the major play store problems,
If you have a solution other than those we mention, please le us know !

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