Pokemon Go:Guides and tips to advancing easily in a short time.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go, the official Nintendo game capture pocket monsters in augmented reality, is finally out! You want to become the best trainer and fight without respite? So follow our tips and tricks to easily progress in the game!

Pokemon Go

Mobile games are often criticized for being only ways to make easy money without ever offering a truly innovative experience. To this, Nintendo responds slowly with home productions seeking to truly take advantage of the platform.

He has started this movement with Miitomo, its social application that allowed you to connect more intimately with friends. Now it is the turn of one of his biggest licenses to take center stage.

Pokemon Go is now officially released! It’s time to go hunting for Pokémon worldwide in augmented reality. But do not waste your time or the pedals, so follow our tips to get away as quickly as possible.

Beginners guide for Pokémon Go

You just launch the app, you discussed with Professor and are ready to go around the world? Let’s start with the basis to be certain never to be lost in the game.

Move effectively in the world of Pokémon

In Pokémon Go, there is obviously no levers: it is for you to browse the real world to find your monsters! To know which direction from, look at the map: the distance, you will find blue dots and icons showing you where to go for win bonuses or face Pokémon.

At the bottom right of the interface, a list is also responsible to prevent you monsters available nearby. If you click it, you’ll see not appear: it is their distance from you. 1 = not very close, 3 = not we will have to walk. Press a silhouette you will block your research on this particular Pokémon.

Follow these indicators in real time to be sure to find what you are looking for. Pressing the top right compass, your character will focus on the same horizon as you. You are sure not wrong path is doing.

Capturing Pokemon

capture pokemon
capture pokemon

If you see fluttering grass near you, a monster waiting for you! When Pokémon appears on your card, simply click on it to start capturing. You thus end up with the monster that appears on your screen and a Pokéball bottom of it.

When you hold down the Pokéball, a green crosshair will appear around the Pokémon and change size. Know that the larger it is, the greater your chance of getting it right. Be careful to feel the rhythm in which it will reappear more before launching your ball!

Note that this sets the reticle also capture the difficulty encountered monster. If it is easily catchable, the reticle will be green. Yellow becomes a bit more complex. Orange starts to get tougher. Red is very difficult.

If you have trouble aiming, know that you can also turn off augmented reality via the top right icon. More flickers, the game switches to fixed view with a grassy field to allow you to aim.

Reload, develop and transfer their Pokémon

pokemon info

Once the pocket monsters, you can view by clicking the Pokéball bottom of the interface. After selecting a monster, two choices are available to you: Pokémon recharge, or evolve it. These choices consume dust and candy.

These 2 products are obtained by capturing Pokémon. To evolve a “Oddish” for example, you will need to capture more power to collect enough candy Oddish to increase its characteristics.

If you do not use some of your Pokémon, you can also “transferring” Pokemon, which are then sent to the professor in exchange for their type of candy.

The Pokéstop, to recharge in Pokéball


Through your card, and thus the real world, some places are symbolized by blue squares: this is Pokéstop, that allow you to win items on your way. Do not forget to pass by them!

A Pokéstop these, you will find both bonuses like the stardust that objects like Pokéball or sometimes even eggs! These will hatch once you have covered the distance required for this. It’s time to work!

Facing arenas

Pokemon GO Arena
Pokemon GO Arena

Of course, that says Pokémon also said fight! This is the arena, dispersed to important places in your city, you can do it. From level 5, you will be asked to represent a team: blue, red or yellow.

It is in these arenas that you will put into practice. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to leave a Pokémon combat and gain prestige your team. And as for you, of course. If the arena is the same clan as you, you can also confront to gain experience.

When you face an arena of an opposing clan, your Pokémon are likely to become K.O. on failure. Warning: you will need an object to revive. Attacking an ally causes nothing. If you leave a Pokémon on site, know that he will return in your team once defeated.

Pokéball, incense and lure module game objects


In the game store, you can buy eggs luck (which earn Pokémon randomly) of Pokéball to capture Pokémon, incense and lures. Although you have an egg incubator, you can also buy temporary to hatch more eggs at a time.

Frankincense helps you to attract Pokémon to you when you are static. Just run this item, and will surround you for 30 minutes during which the surrounding monsters come to you to be captured.

A lure module is close in concept but different in approach. It has roughly the same effect, except that it can only be used near an arena and is not only related to you: Players around you also benefit.

Pick trophies

Pressing your trainer card, you will see a menu allowing you to see the various successes that you can win by playing the game These include.:

  • Jogger Browse 10km
  • Kanto have 50 different Pokémon in his Pokédex
  • Collector: 30 capture pokemon (duplicates included)
  • Scientist: 3 pokemon evolve
  • Breeder: hatching 10 eggs
  • Hiker: open 100 pokéstops
  • Fighting: win 10 arena fights
  • Top Trainer: draw pokemon 10
  • Student: capture 10 normal type pokemon
  • Ornithologist: capture 10 flight type pokemon
  • Vaurienne: capture 10 poison type pokemon
  • Scout: capture 10 bug type pokemon
  • Gardener: capture pokemon 10 plant types
  • Swimmer: 10 capture water type pokemon
  • etc. etc. for each type

An option “Journal” also allows you to view your past actions in a long long list, with details of PC captured Pokémon.

Tips and questions about Pokémon Go

Reload or upgrade?
Is it better to recharge or evolve? It depends on your situation. You should know that moving, Pokémon keep some data improvements by charging but will leave to zero in terms of CP (attack / life report giving the general level of the monster).

Also, if you build a Pokémon on the length, it does not matter. But if you want to conquer an arena quickly, better focus before recharging it evolve.

Evolve or capture?

As with all Pokémon games, go directly capture high-level monsters does not guarantee to have a better fighter. Better to focus its lead Pokémon over time rather than replace it quickly with the best level you find.

Hunting correctly Pokémon

In order to effectively expel a Pokemon, are using the interface of nearby Pokémon. Note that the list is ordered, which did in the example that the Pidgey is the closest to me, followed by Weedle, followed by Ratata. The Pokémon farthest from me is the last Ratata of the list.

More so, you can select a Pokemon hunt clicking. The lower right bar take shape. Be careful, as it will flash if you approach it!

Similarly, if the order of the nearest Pokémon changes, then the bar will flash green to alert you. It’s time to see what is the loan, or change course if you are away.

Are there any shiny / color in the game?

For the moment, no chromatic cross Pokémon. A fake circulating on the net for green Zubat, do not be fooled.

Capture Pokémon and hatch the eggs very quickly
Fool the GPS position of the device is quite possible … but not very funny. A real sham real life, however, is to take public transportation to successfully capture more Pokémon possible.

Just for it to take a bus or a tram city for example. The speed of the transport that you can capture Pokémon on the route in an instant. This trick also works with the eggs, which will count as your route not!

How to evolve in a Pyroli Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon without stone?

For connoisseurs of Pokémon, you know that there are a Pokémon that evolves under the influence of a stone: Eevee. This takes the shape you want on a stone you give. Eg stone lightning + = Jolteon Eevee.

In Pokémon Go, progress stones do not exist. The evolutions of Eevee is indeed decided to chance so if you change a Eevee via the conventional method of the game, you have no way to determine what changes you will receive.

Do not use your candy right away

Although it is tempting to see all aspects of the game right away, it does not make much sense to evolve Pokémon captured before level 5 view 6. Indeed, the level of Pokémon you encounter evolves over level your character.

In this slice level, the Pokémon will necessarily be very basic. evolve them now so would a candy mess, as you will see much more powerful CP happen very quickly for these basic monsters.

Do not buy with your money Pokéball

Fighting in arena you earn poképièces you can spend in the shop. Do not buy Pokéball! Indeed, Pokéstop are very generously provided by them. Better to focus on incense to maximize your catch.

Get Pokéball easily

Rather than spending your pennies, know that Pokéstop are regenerated every 5 minutes. If you are really hard up, nothing prevents you to wait quietly at the foot of a Pokéstop to redo your store Pokéball in fifteen minutes.

Launching a Pokéball is an experience bonus

Experience in the game is won by walking but also by capturing Pokémon. Know that if you start your Pokéball precisely on the monster, you will be granted a 50 XP bonus to capture.

Note that if you tend to not run right, or if you want to capture with style, you can keep you press the Pokéball and whirl until sparks appear. Through this, you will give effect to your ball. It is possible that it grants catch bonus, we still studying the issue.

Pay attention to the attacks of captured Pokémon

You captured two Pidgey a row to go to face the nearest grass arena? Good initiative, since the types are still important in the game, but be careful. Attacks of the same two pokemon may not be the same.

Keep your battery

Pokémon Go uses a lot of battery. Nintendo has planned the coup, as with Miitomo, incorporating a battery saver feature. To find it, click the Pokéball, “Options” at the top right and select “Battery Saver”. This feature will decrease the brightness of your phone automatically without cutting notifications.

By the admission of the developer, this feature is however not very effective and will be improved in future updates. To not end up drum lessons, you can also restrict your smartphone by disabling its notifications and background processes.

Turn down the brightness of the screen can save you valuable percentages also. But to play intensely, better off investing in an external battery to not end up being juice!

Take a picture with a wild Pokémon

In the capture interface (see “capture Pokémon” above), a camera icon is visible on the right side, next to the Pokéball. If you press it, the interface switch to photo mode. When you capture an image in this way, the Pokémon Go interface disappear leaving only you and the monster met!

Fake GPS location to play

Warning: you will inevitably try to use an application to ensure to find yourself in places where you are not physically. However, the modality of contract Niantic services is very clear: these uses can be punished by banishment or deleting accounts. Do not risk it.

Set “Can not detect your location” / “GPS not found”
The application is still in its infancy and many bugs are still present. It is for instance not yet compatible with Intel processors with Android or the developer version of N. Its GPS can be very inaccurate.

If you have grip problems, it is possible that it comes from your device. Just to make sure:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Go to “About phone”
  3. Tap several times on “Build number” until the developer options are enabled
  4. Back in Settings
  5. Go into Developer Options
  6. Check that mock locations is disabled


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